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Certified Interview

Confidential Interview Preparation sessions held in person or via online Zoom Video services.

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Interview Preparation

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second career employment transition COUNSELLING

Leverage your previous experience into that of your second career.

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Confidential Interview Preparation Sessions:

Held via on line video services using Zoom or Skype 

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About Paul Olson 


Paul Olson is a retired Assistant Fire Chief Officer, who has worked  extensively in the hiring process, not only within the Fire Service but also with not for profit and private businesses.


Having conducted many interviews, as well as been successfully interviewed at senior management levels, he knows and understands both sides of the table. With a firm understanding of the roles each individual on the hiring panel has, he has been able to assist hundreds of candidates seeking not only Fire Service related jobs but various other types of employment.

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His Approach

Paul takes a mentor approach to each individual, wanting to see candidates put forward their best possible presentation to the hiring panel. 


He has had his own successes and failures while trying to achieve his goals. To this, he understands the pressure the candidate is under when they finally get a shot at their dream job or a chance to promote to a senior management position. He takes what he does seriously.



His Credentials

Paul holds certificates in Human Resources Management and Business Management, inclusive of Recruitment and Selection through British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). He has a Diploma in Professional Counseling and is a current Registered Professional Counselor/Coach (RPC) with the Canadian Professional Counselors Association (CPCA). 


Additionally, he is also a member of Career Professionals of Canada through which he holds certifications as "Interview Strategist" and "Employment Strategist".

Paul is currently lecturing at the JIBC Maple Ridge Fire Academy as a Sessional Instructor/ Speaker on Firefighter Interview Preparation since May 2015.

Certified Interview
Certified Employment Strategist_edited.p
Career Professionials of Canada.png
About Paul

Testimonials from Past Clients

"Hi Paul, I got the position!!. Starting in a few weeks. Thanks again for your help. The coaching gave me great confidence in knowing how to approach the interview stage.  Also, I found great benefit in taking some time to reflect back on things. Cheers"

"Paul was a huge help in my success during the interview stages of the hiring processes I was apart of. Paul provides a framework for you to use when answering questions. I knew that I was someone who had a lot of experiences to draw from in the questions I would be asked, but my thoughts and ideas were at times disorganized and convoluted. Keeping Paul’s methods in mind during my interviews allowed me to answer questions in a logical and sequential manner which best conveyed my experiences and rationale.  Without Paul’s services I do not believe that I would have had the success I did during the interviews. If you are someone who is serious about obtaining a career in the fire service, seeing Paul is a must!  Set your ego aside and be receptive to Paul’s feedback. If you can do this, your chances of success during your interview will be improved greatly. Thank you again Paul! With your help, I now have my dream career as a firefighter. I can’t wait to get started! Thank You"

Nick Cirillo

"Hey, Paul! I’m so excited to inform you that I have officially been hired with the local Fire Department. I was always skeptical of getting an interview coach as I didn’t want to sound like a robot during my interview. You did the complete opposite for me as you gave me the confidence I needed to really sell myself as a person. I walked out of the interview so positive and I owe a huge chunk of my success to you. In only one session you gave me so much good advice and tips that stuck with me during my interview. You saved lives your whole career and now continue to make young adults dreams come true by helping and guiding them to their dream job. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me make my dream a reality. Hope to see you soon"

Roger Gill


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 Confidential interview preparation sessions are held in person or are being held via online Zoom video services.

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